Monday, June 1, 2009

Workin' Out

Here I am again, tying to wake up, and get my butt out the door to the gym. I love the gym, but I hate waking up. I go in the morning for a couple of reasons. First and foremost because here in Hollywood, that is when people get together to play Basketball at the YMCA. Seemed weird to me at first when I started going about 6-7 years ago. But it makes sense. Most everyone that works out and plays at the Y during the morning hours works in the entertainment business. Most everyone works AFTER 12 noon, so the morning run is perfect for all of us. I Love basketball, so to get my fix first thing in the morning 3 times a week is like heaven to me. 
It's ,y goal to lose some weight...okay, a lot of weight and get back to looking HOT. I wanna feel great inside again and Basketball is my best means to getting there. Running, Jumping, Shooting, and the best work out of all is wrestling for rebounding position. Yeah, I come home with cuts and bruises that Denise hates to see, but it's the only way I LIKE to exorcise. treadmills and machines bore me. 
I love playing in the morning because it gets that great work out in and it leaves me energized for the rest of the day. Problem is when I stay up late, it makes it REALLY hard to get up.
But my other motivation to go is the community at the gym. Over the last 5-7 years at the Y I have made some really great friends that I love to see.  So playing basketball is not only my work out, it's all my social of them anyway.

Okay, So I'm about ready to split here. My eyes are staying open now:)
Time to sweat and get in shape!! 

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