Monday, June 8, 2009

kung PAU! The Lakers and Comic Book Metaphors!

Wow, not that was a hard game to watch last night.  Both teams really came out awkward and ugly. 15-15 after one quarter? Felt like I was watching a game at the YMCA not the Finals.
Although, I have to say I wasn't upset. The Lakers played good defense, really good defense, but they had no offense. But to me, that is okay. I'd rather the offense go to sleep than the Defense.
It should be a lesson to anyone learning basketball. As long as you play Defense you have a chance to win. And the Lakers did. 
I asked guys at the gym today if Orlando should feel confident that they almost won a game, or discouraged because they lost to a struggling Lakers Offense? I think the latter of the two. 

No matter what Orlando does, The Lakers just have to many ways to win.

Comic Book Metaphors and Sports:
Most interesting in these last two season has been the growth of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.
I was ready to throw the towel in considering Lamar Odom after last years no show in the Finals. But, as a Lakers fan I am very proud of the way Lamar has turned things around and instead of fading away he is embracing the fact that the Lakers need him. He came up big last night rebounding and  on defense.
Pau has grown in to the leagues most consistent reliable player. Coming to the Lakers his rep was a skinny finesse player who simply couldn't rise to the occasion. Great talent, but no real threat. Last year Gasol definitely played Robin to Kobe's Batman. And he did it well. But I think that may have been his down fall, really the whole team. They played well, but to use another Comic Book simile, the 2008 Lakers were like Wolverine leading the New Mutants on a Mission. 
In contrast this years Lakers that we are watching now is like the full team of Xmen.
Each player is a Super hero in their own right, but they use their super powers together to defeat any foe.
So who is who
in the Lakers X-men team?

Wolverine: Kobe Bryant
The Rogue Leader. Like Wolverine Kobe CAN single handily take over a mission and destroy everything and everybody. Both are unstoppable ad both love a good fight. Kobe and Wolverine are both masters of their art and take it to a whole other level when you piss them off. While they can go solo, they have learned over time to trust their teammates for a group effort.

Cyclops: Derek Fisher
The Elder of the team. The total leader by example and poise. Has seen just about every situation, and while they have few weapons, what the do with their powers can be powerful and clutch.

Night Crawler: Trever Ariza
 Like Nightcrawler's Teleportation BAMF! Trevor Ariza seems to appear out of nowhere to steal a ball. Fast, Agile, and incredible leaping. Not the strongest on the team, but no doubt valuable to the teams success. Has BAMFED in to save the day at the last second MANY TIMES.  

Gambit: Pau Gasol 
Both have funny accents at times. But like Gambit Pau can do so many things and be devastating with them. Pau is agile like Gambit and has great hands, Gambit has great hands too... that can create explosives. Both came to the team as outsiders, but have become key members of the team. Both have cool hair too!

Beast: Lamar Odom
Super Strength and Agility. For a 6' 10" guy he makes moves quicker and better than some little guards. Like Beasts super strength Odom can out mussel just about anyone in the league for rebounds.  Like Beast Lamar Odom has gone through different metamorphosis but has mutated into a dependable force.

Colossus: Andrew Bynum
The lumbering Giants. Both posses great power and strength. Immovable and dangerous on defense. Intimidatingly HUGE, but both have soft spot right on the surface. Until they turn their skin to metal and then they are unstoppable.

The Bench:

Iceman: Jordan Farmar
Cocky as hell. Loves to show off their COOL powers. Sometimes gets the best of them. Jordan is fast like ice.

Storm:Sasha Vujacic
Sorry Sasha, you get to be the girl. Why Storm? They both can make it rain...3's that is:)

Angel: Shannon Brown
Both seem to have Wings and soar.

ThunderBird: Luke Walton
Solid, dependable.

Bishop: DJ MBenga
Both have big guns. 

Long Shot: Adam Morrison and Sun Yue
The Power of Luck. Adam and Yu are just lucky to be on this team.

Go Lakers

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