Friday, June 5, 2009

Back at it.

Not a whole lot to write about today. Hit the gym, so-so work out. Lifted weights for the first time in a couple months, then tried to play basketball. It was like playing with two lead pipes for arms. But you know, lifting upper body just feels like you didn't do a whole lot at first, but like right now, I feel it. So I shouldn't feel as bad as I do for not coming home drenched in sweat.

So last nights game was Great! The Lakers look fantastic! I love their focused attitude FINALLY! 
Orlando just looked like they didn't know what hit them. I was most happy with the way the Lakers kept Orlando off the Offensive rebounds. That killed us the last couple of series. But rebounding is a mind set, once the series starts, if your not focused on boxing out, it's hard to change gears. So I was happy to see that they were making an effort to grab every loose ball.
Kobe was just killer.

I'm not being biased here at all, but honestly, I think Kobe is better than Michael Jordan was.
Yes, Kobe has had a bumpy road to this point, but he's arrived as the complete player now. His understanding of the little things and energy of the game put him in another galaxy from everyone else. 
What puts Kobe over the top of Jordan is, having watched both play, Kobe has had to play through WAY more physical play, he's had to play through refs not giving him calls, he's had to play through negative media. Through all of that, he does things that I have never seen Jordan do. What has made Kobe a complete player, is he has finally understood how to be a leader.

Magic is still the bast basketball player ever, as far as all around. I put Larry Bird at a close second. Michael Jordan was third, but I have to put Kobe above him now. IF Lebron James can become a better leader...then he'll pass Jordan next.
But Kobe, in the playoffs, just has something in his eye, in his swagger that you just know beating his team is next to impossible.  

So after the game I was all jacked up from the win. I wanted to get some work done but damn it I was still in the at BLAHS. So i sat down and wouldn;t you know it, I started drawing something FOR ME! That was the trick. I was all excited about teh Lakers, so I went with it. Drew out a cool Pau Gasol, and I'm gonna draw teh whole team eventually. But it's exciting, because it felt like I was expressing myself through my art for the first time in a long time. It wasn't work, it was FUN. I'll post the art as I finish it, it's just in sketch phase right now.
Okay, gotta go make lunch.
Have a great weekend!
Over and out!


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