Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow, you really knowhow behind you are in tech until you sit down to catch up. The network lines on what connects to what where is confusing:) I think my problem is I'm actually trying to understand.
I created two twitters, one for news, and one for general B.S. Why not put them both on one? 
Well, my  website is going to hold a News feed, and I only want the news on my website, not the fun banter I have on my regular twitter. 
I dig how you can share your blogger blogs with Twitter, and it gives a link to the blog.

One of the reasons I rarely wrote a blog is that I wanted it to go on all my network pages and my website.  

I am trying to get better at the blogging thing, and get more connected with everyone concerning all things. I'm trying, really am:)
So there, my first blog on blogger, now to see it zip to twitter!

Creating more web presence

Trying to figure out how to catch up with the times concerning blogs and tweets and all that.
It's frustrating, but I'm told it will help me:)