Tuesday, June 2, 2009

50% Off Sketch Cards Sale ends on the June 15th 2009

For those who haven't heard Denise and I made a move back to Hollywood! It is really great to be back home. Ventura was nice but LA is where we are connected.

Anyway, To celebrate my good mood:) I put on a 50% OFF sketch card sale through April and May. Well, I never really announced a cut off date, so I am officially extending the deadline to JUNE 15th 2009.


All Sketch Card orders (before June 15th) are 50%.

Black and Whites down to $20

Full color Sketch cards just $40

Panoramic Full Color  Sketch Cards just $80

To order email me at     randy@randymartinez.net


Order now because this is the VERY LAST TIME I will be offering my "Style A" sketch cards at these low prices!

Seriously, no way no how will you be able to get them this cheap again!


All orders after June 15th are subject to new 2009 Prices!

Yes, it is true my prices are going up a bit for my "Style A" artwork. Because of a bigger work load, and the amount of time it takes to render these little cards, I have to raise the price of my Style A Sketch cards.


What is Style A? (see attached samples)

Good question. Over the years I have tried a few different approaches to the style of art I put on my sketch cards. I've found the most popular so far has been a more realistic rendering of the subject I am drawing. I use many different colors, and use a multitude of Colored Pencil colors to render these up and get fine detail. It is a time consuming process.

 I call this high rendered technique my "Style A" Sketch cards.

 I do a number of other styles from Cartooning, and Caricature, to graphic design.

I am currently working on defining these styles Better, and thus will have the distinction of "Style B, C, and D"

All will have separate price tags, which will give collectors with small to large budgets the chance to own some of my art.

These Styles and prices will be announced very soon!

Thanks in advance everyone!

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