Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New iPhone

So Denise and I broke down and finally got with the times and bought iPhones. All I can say is WOW!  These things are so much more than I ever thought they were. I am so happy that we took the big step and entered 2009. I was really happy with my T-mobile slide phone that I had had for 3-4 years (and it looked 3-4 years old), and the service was fine, but I had been itching to get something new.  I had been checking out the iphones a little, nd it seemed everyday friends, associate, and family were getting them. I was afraid it was all a fad, so I held out. Denise caught wind about a year or so ago, and increasingly wanted one. Just couldn't swing it. That was until Denise got a little birthday money and decided the iphone would be here prize! So we went into the Apple store down at the Grove in Los Angeles...which is always a dangerous place to go for us Mac users. End up buying half the store. So as denise was being helped and shown the features, i listened in, ask questions of my own, and started looking at everyone walking around with iphones. Then I kept looking at my old slide phone, then the iphones, then my slide phone... and I have to say that the moment swept me up and I said screw it, I'm getting one too (trusty credit card ready to go). I have to admit, I was DAZZLED before asking all the questions, and figuring how this was a MUST have for me. I just wanted it. 
However, sometimes following your desires work out, and in this case it has. Having spent tow days with my iphone, I have discovered so many things that WILL make my life better, easier, and improve my buisiness practice. So it actually was a MUST have all this time. The appa are very cool, but right now, my favorite feature is how it syncs with our Macs and the Macs work as control centers for our phones. It really is revolutionary, in my life at least. I now have all my contacts, emails and everything in one spot, with my iphone acting as a satalite of my mac.
The most helpful part for me will be the info you can store about your contacts. I meet a lot of people out there at cons and in business. It makes it really tough to  remember everyone on top of the fact that I am HORRIBLE with remembering how I know someone I've only mete a few times. I'll admit it, I'm HORRIBLe at it. But with the iphone, I can add photos and notes to how I know anyone in my contact list. It's like having an extra brain!

The only down side I have found to my iphone is that it is so damned addicting. I spent an hour just playing with the lightsaber app. OMG how fun is this simple little app? 
Part of the addiction is setting everything up for the iphone. My ipod lay lists, iphoto albums, movies, contacts, calendar, wall paper, and OMG ring tones!

How stupid is the ring tone idea, but how brilliant at the same time. Do we really need fancy ringtones? Hell no. But can we get enough? Not on your life. And itunes knows this, so they charge an extra .99  cents for it. But it rocks because you get to create your own 30 second ringtone from the full song that you buy from itunes. But still, for under $2.50 you get a complete song, and ring tone (if you ever decide to make a ring tone out of the song).
I made three!
I like to change the tone from time to time, and some tones are better to use in a loud room. 

My default right now is the "Imperial March" from The Empire Strikes back.
But I also made ring tones out of Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" (Opening riff and verse Makes a great ring) 
And "Nobodies Fault but mine". This is my LOUD room ring.
I used to use the opening riff to ACDCs "Highway to Hell" on my slide phone, but I kind of played it out, so Wanted something new. 
I have a couple songs in mind once these songs get old.
"Basketball Jones"-Cheach and Chong
"Superman Theme"- John Williams
"Asteroid Field"-from Empire Strikes back

So now I have pretty much everything set up. So I better get some work done!

If you thought about it, go get an iphone, especially if you are a mac user! This rocks!

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