Friday, July 17, 2009

New Star Wars Art From Acme

I've been keeping this under wraps for some time now, but I have just been given the green light to announce my newest Star Wars art to be produced with Acme Archives.
I've worked really hard and lost a lot of sleep over this piece, and I think it really paid off. It is titled "A New Hope- Escape" and it is here just in time to make it's debut at San Diego Comic COn this next week!

Each piece will be a fine Giclee Print and will be limited Edition (Edition Size TBD).
"A New Hope: Escape" is designed to match "Bounty Hunters" and "Scoundrels" (2 of my other Acme Giclee Prints) at 13 X 19. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

It depicts our four favorite Star Wars heroes (Chebacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo) making their way through the cold corridors of the First Death Star. While the piece captures a scene from the movie, it was my goal to try and capture the feelings of each individual character in that moment.
Chewbacca, ever so intimidating is ready to fight, but at the same time has a bit of apprehension about the mission.
Princess Leia has the look of both determination and fear. It's beyond hope because she does not have complete faith in these rogues to get them out of this.
Han Solo, seems to eat it all up with a spoon. He lives for the action and a "good fight". Not quite the leader yet.
Luke Skywalker takes his first step into his role as a leader, and a hero. Of the four heroes, he's the only one who has enough who whole heatedly believes they can get out of this. Is he just young and naive, or is it something more?

I will have Artist Proofs soon for sale and presale. If your going to Comic Con come to my table early to get your Print.

Saw Bruno last night!

I loved it.
It is very much in the same style as Borat, but it is over the top outrageous funny.

At first was thinking it was okay, but not as good as Borat, but as the movie goes on it gets REALLY funny. I left feeling it was real equal to Borat in terms of funny and that style of mockumentary, but it's just totally different.

What is the same, which I think is BRILLIANT on the part of what Sasha Baron Cohen does with his comedy is he makes us look at ourselves (as a culture) in a rather savage mirror. Comedy is happening the entire time, but it's spawned from the real ugliness of racism, bigotry, and violence that exists in our society. Just like in in Borat you find your self laughing at things, that you feel maybe you should not think is funny.

Bruno, like Borat, are truly innocents in that where they come from, the things they do are accepted and are normal. They have complete comfort being who they are. When thrust into our world, it really exposes the intolerance our culture has for anything that is different. It's a sad commentary, but it's unfortunately true in many people.

The most interesting thing about this film is with all of the sex, gratuitous nudity, and over the top raunchiness the GROSSEST things in the film the behavior and thoughts of some of the REAL people Bruno encounters.

Is this movie for everyone? Absolutely not. If you have any issue with the homosexual life style, this movie will no doubt take you past your threshold. But, at the same time I would recommend this movie because I believe you have to confront things that you don't understand. But, at the same time I understand some people just don't want to see anything of a sexual nature, which I totally respect.

After seeing Bruno, I felt like this movie was not about a man being gay, it was about a man desperately trying to fit into a world that will not accept him for who he is.

But my God is it funny.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Star interviews me about Star Wars Art

Wondering how I create the covers for the Scholastic Book Series “Star Wars: Rebel Force?”, Well you can read al about it at the official web site for Star Wars.

Bonnie Burton wrote a great article that features an interview with yours truly!

The response to these books has been over whelming, and I feel honored to be part of it.

I’ll let the article do the rest of the talking.

Check it out here.

X-Men Archives are here!

Finally out in Hobby shops, if ther are any left , is “Xmen Archives” from Ritten house Archives.

Xmen Archives are trading cards featuring Marvel Comics own group of misfits, The X-Men. Randomly inserted in to packs of cards (at least one per box) are hand drawn Sketch cards by some of todays most popular illustrators in Comics, fantasy and Scifi.

I was one of the lucky artists to participate in this great set. I complete 147 unique sketch cards in full color for this set. I’m getting great response from the fans, and I am really digging the style I am working in for these Comic Book cards.

I have been a fan of the X-men for years, but I no more than when I was in Jr. High School. I Lived for X-men comics! My cards have a very obvious 80’s flavor to them, as I harkened back to my early teen days!

You can check out the full gallery of my cards here at my Webs site.

How do you get these cards? Hobby Shops bought a lot, but many are selling out quickly, so I would call before you head out to the shop.

Ebay has boxes on sale, and if you want one of my cards specifically, Ebay is your best shot. There are several up there right now for pretty reasonable prices.

I will have a few Artists Proofs that I will be able to sell once I get them.

Contact me for more information on that.

Mighty Mugg Project

All the rage today is collectible designer toys. You can now pick up Toys hand painted by some of today’s mos

t famous artists. Granted, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it s a sound investment as each piece is one of a kind, and they look cool.

One of the more popular versions of thee designer toys are the “Mighty Muggs” fr

om Hasbro. They make Mighty Muggs for Marvel Co

mics, Indiana Jones, and of course Star Wars. I thought they were kind of weird at fi

rst, but they really caught on and people love them.

Out of shear demand Hasbro started to produce BLANK Mighty Muggs so artists can paint their own de

signs on them. This is the basis of one of the coolest events at San Diego Comic Con this year. Lucas film LTD has contacted several of the most popular Star Wars artists in biz today to design their own Star Wars Mighty Mugg. The only restriction was it had to be Star Wars related. The artists went crazy and produced some really great designs that will not only be

displayed at the Star Wars pavilion at Comic Con, but will be auctioned off one by one, with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

I was one of the artists chosen to create a Mighty Mugg for the event, and I tried my best to do something a little different. I started out with a few ideas, to create a Mugg for Characters they m

ost likely would never produce. Like Jaxxon, The Ice Cream Machine Man, or the horse head pilot. But, that challenging little voice inside my head wanted to do something more outside t

he box. So I gave it some time, and let inspiration come to me. The next idea I got came from watching Denise make her mighty Mugg of Steve Sansweet (Lucasfilm LTD Director of Fan affairs). Denise did such a great job of executing the piece, but more than that I really liked how she did something so very Star Wars, but at the same time completely thinking outside the box. My idea was for the world’s greatest Star Wars fan. He was going to be equipped with all kinds of toys, Star Wars clothes, sleeping bag, everything. But I ran out of time to do this.

Now I was in trouble because I was running out of time, and I had no

ideas that would not take a couple weeks to do.

That was until I was sitting in my living room where we have a framed copy of my “Sith Rocks” poster form 2007. Inspiration hit m like a thunderbolt, and I decided to make Rock and Roll Darth Maul, but even more Glam Rocked up with sparkly gold horns, and a sparkly double-ended Guitar. The easy part was painting on the Toy, the hard part was creating the 3D objects like his horns, Guitar, and oh yes, the Gigantic Tongue.
I broke out a box full of sculpey and went to work. This stuff is fun, and so easy to use!

A little Glue, and some Sparkly Paint provided by Denise was all this little guy needed to make him the meanest Glam Rock hero in the Galaxy.

Read More about the Mighty Mugg project here at the official Star Wars Web Site.

Unfortunately I did not finish my Mugg early enough to have it featured on the Web site, but you can See Denise’s “Steve Sansweet”.

Mighty Mugg Project

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Style D Commissions. 50% off intro sale!

I finally decided to add a commission style guide to my web page. Here I list all of the different styles of art I do, complete with examples, and a general price guide. Check it out here "Style Guide"

One of the new additions to the style guide is my Style D art work which is more commonly
referred to as my "Monotone Style".
I love this style because it allows me to get away from the rules of color. It's all about light and shadows. Also the style allows me to be really loose with the wet media i use to create these. Usually watercolor, inks, or acrylic.
The effect is a very moody, emotional finish that I really dig.

Like style B, these don;t take me nearly as long to do as style A commissions. Therefor the price is extra nice. $50 for sketch cards, $100 for 9 1/2 x 11s.

But wait, there is even more!
Right now I am holding an introductory 50% off sale on all style D commissions! that is right 50% off all Style D commissions ordered before August 31 2009.

But hurry, anytime I have one of these big sales my list gets really long. So get in early to get your commissions done right away!

I'm taking orders as you read this so hurry!

New Style B available for commissions! Intro Sale!

I finally decided to add a commission style guide to my web page. Here I list all of the different styles of art I do, complete with examples, and a general price guide. Check it out here "Style Guide"

One of the new additions to the style guide is my Style B art work which is more commonly
referred to as my "Comic Book Style". Style B is exciting because it lets me get back to my roots. Some of my earliest work was inspired by comics, but I pretty much abandoned the style in high school. I suppose I just got into other things, but I continued to love comic book art, and longed to make some again.
Well, this year I got my chance by doing 147 sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives new trading card set "X-Men Archives". The whole set is based on all the characters from the Xm
en Comics, from all eras. It was such a fun set, and I dove straight into bringing back the comic book artist in me.
Now I have continued to work in this style on my own, and am now offering it up for commissions. The great news for me is Style B is not only fun, it's also fast. These cards take me a fraction of the time it takes me to do my Classic Style A art (highly rendered illustrations). I like it because it allows my brain to move at the pace that it likes and I can move on to a new piece of art in no time at all.

The great news for the fans is since these cards take me about half the time to make, they cost half the price as Style A commissions. $75 for a sketch sketch card, $125 for 9 X11s... The List goes on and on.

But Wait, it gets even better! To Celebrate the introduction of Style B, I am offering a 50% off sale on Style B commissions through Aug 31, 2009.
But sign up now, to get your name on my commission list early. Anytime I do these 50% off sales I get slammed with orders!

I'm taking orders as you read this so hurry!!

New Art For Sale!

Get Ready folks, I’ve got a bunch of great announcements, products and new offical web site stuff all this week, and leading up to San Diego Comic Con.

Check out all the Newest Posts at my Website

Today, it is my pleasure to announce that I have official started to overhaul the “Art for Sale section of my Web page. Fans were getting really confused with the way I had it before, so I am taking steps to making it better.

New Art For Sale!

I have added a ton of new really cool stuff and I’m selling a lot of for cheap. Including Official Original art work from the Book covers have been illustrating for Star Wars: Rebel Force. The New Star Wars book series from Scholastic Books. I added even more Original art to my store, this time from my new how to draw book “Creature Features” (Impact Publishing). Just about everything from the book is there and fairly priced.

Sketch Card Blow Out!

I added a section just for Sketch cards I have been hiding away in my card drawer. Every thing is for sale and on sale. The cheapest prices yet! Everything from my Topps Terminator Salvation Artist Returns, to Star Wars Heritage and Indiana Jones. There is also a TON of Randy Martinez Brand cards just waiting to be scooped up!

It’s a Sketch Card Blow out!

Commission Style Guide

Finally I put a Style Guide page for fans interested in getting commissioned art from me. This Style Guide Describes each of the distinct different styles of art that I work in. It’s actually quite interesting and I think will give fans a chance to consider other types of art from me, that they may not have even known I do.

To make this guide even more comprehensive I have posted a general price list of the different kind of commissions that are requested most.

So go check it out. Tell me what you think and hey! Order something. I think you will be surprised at how reasonable my prices are.

Thanks everyone!