Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow, you really knowhow behind you are in tech until you sit down to catch up. The network lines on what connects to what where is confusing:) I think my problem is I'm actually trying to understand.
I created two twitters, one for news, and one for general B.S. Why not put them both on one? 
Well, my  website is going to hold a News feed, and I only want the news on my website, not the fun banter I have on my regular twitter. 
I dig how you can share your blogger blogs with Twitter, and it gives a link to the blog.

One of the reasons I rarely wrote a blog is that I wanted it to go on all my network pages and my website.  

I am trying to get better at the blogging thing, and get more connected with everyone concerning all things. I'm trying, really am:)
So there, my first blog on blogger, now to see it zip to twitter!

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