Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Art For Sale!

Get Ready folks, I’ve got a bunch of great announcements, products and new offical web site stuff all this week, and leading up to San Diego Comic Con.

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Today, it is my pleasure to announce that I have official started to overhaul the “Art for Sale section of my Web page. Fans were getting really confused with the way I had it before, so I am taking steps to making it better.

New Art For Sale!

I have added a ton of new really cool stuff and I’m selling a lot of for cheap. Including Official Original art work from the Book covers have been illustrating for Star Wars: Rebel Force. The New Star Wars book series from Scholastic Books. I added even more Original art to my store, this time from my new how to draw book “Creature Features” (Impact Publishing). Just about everything from the book is there and fairly priced.

Sketch Card Blow Out!

I added a section just for Sketch cards I have been hiding away in my card drawer. Every thing is for sale and on sale. The cheapest prices yet! Everything from my Topps Terminator Salvation Artist Returns, to Star Wars Heritage and Indiana Jones. There is also a TON of Randy Martinez Brand cards just waiting to be scooped up!

It’s a Sketch Card Blow out!

Commission Style Guide

Finally I put a Style Guide page for fans interested in getting commissioned art from me. This Style Guide Describes each of the distinct different styles of art that I work in. It’s actually quite interesting and I think will give fans a chance to consider other types of art from me, that they may not have even known I do.

To make this guide even more comprehensive I have posted a general price list of the different kind of commissions that are requested most.

So go check it out. Tell me what you think and hey! Order something. I think you will be surprised at how reasonable my prices are.

Thanks everyone!


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