Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Style B available for commissions! Intro Sale!

I finally decided to add a commission style guide to my web page. Here I list all of the different styles of art I do, complete with examples, and a general price guide. Check it out here "Style Guide"

One of the new additions to the style guide is my Style B art work which is more commonly
referred to as my "Comic Book Style". Style B is exciting because it lets me get back to my roots. Some of my earliest work was inspired by comics, but I pretty much abandoned the style in high school. I suppose I just got into other things, but I continued to love comic book art, and longed to make some again.
Well, this year I got my chance by doing 147 sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives new trading card set "X-Men Archives". The whole set is based on all the characters from the Xm
en Comics, from all eras. It was such a fun set, and I dove straight into bringing back the comic book artist in me.
Now I have continued to work in this style on my own, and am now offering it up for commissions. The great news for me is Style B is not only fun, it's also fast. These cards take me a fraction of the time it takes me to do my Classic Style A art (highly rendered illustrations). I like it because it allows my brain to move at the pace that it likes and I can move on to a new piece of art in no time at all.

The great news for the fans is since these cards take me about half the time to make, they cost half the price as Style A commissions. $75 for a sketch sketch card, $125 for 9 X11s... The List goes on and on.

But Wait, it gets even better! To Celebrate the introduction of Style B, I am offering a 50% off sale on Style B commissions through Aug 31, 2009.
But sign up now, to get your name on my commission list early. Anytime I do these 50% off sales I get slammed with orders!

I'm taking orders as you read this so hurry!!

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