Tuesday, July 14, 2009

X-Men Archives are here!

Finally out in Hobby shops, if ther are any left , is “Xmen Archives” from Ritten house Archives.

Xmen Archives are trading cards featuring Marvel Comics own group of misfits, The X-Men. Randomly inserted in to packs of cards (at least one per box) are hand drawn Sketch cards by some of todays most popular illustrators in Comics, fantasy and Scifi.

I was one of the lucky artists to participate in this great set. I complete 147 unique sketch cards in full color for this set. I’m getting great response from the fans, and I am really digging the style I am working in for these Comic Book cards.

I have been a fan of the X-men for years, but I no more than when I was in Jr. High School. I Lived for X-men comics! My cards have a very obvious 80’s flavor to them, as I harkened back to my early teen days!

You can check out the full gallery of my cards here at my Webs site.

How do you get these cards? Hobby Shops bought a lot, but many are selling out quickly, so I would call before you head out to the shop.

Ebay has boxes on sale, and if you want one of my cards specifically, Ebay is your best shot. There are several up there right now for pretty reasonable prices.

I will have a few Artists Proofs that I will be able to sell once I get them.

Contact me for more information on that.

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