Friday, July 17, 2009

Saw Bruno last night!

I loved it.
It is very much in the same style as Borat, but it is over the top outrageous funny.

At first was thinking it was okay, but not as good as Borat, but as the movie goes on it gets REALLY funny. I left feeling it was real equal to Borat in terms of funny and that style of mockumentary, but it's just totally different.

What is the same, which I think is BRILLIANT on the part of what Sasha Baron Cohen does with his comedy is he makes us look at ourselves (as a culture) in a rather savage mirror. Comedy is happening the entire time, but it's spawned from the real ugliness of racism, bigotry, and violence that exists in our society. Just like in in Borat you find your self laughing at things, that you feel maybe you should not think is funny.

Bruno, like Borat, are truly innocents in that where they come from, the things they do are accepted and are normal. They have complete comfort being who they are. When thrust into our world, it really exposes the intolerance our culture has for anything that is different. It's a sad commentary, but it's unfortunately true in many people.

The most interesting thing about this film is with all of the sex, gratuitous nudity, and over the top raunchiness the GROSSEST things in the film the behavior and thoughts of some of the REAL people Bruno encounters.

Is this movie for everyone? Absolutely not. If you have any issue with the homosexual life style, this movie will no doubt take you past your threshold. But, at the same time I would recommend this movie because I believe you have to confront things that you don't understand. But, at the same time I understand some people just don't want to see anything of a sexual nature, which I totally respect.

After seeing Bruno, I felt like this movie was not about a man being gay, it was about a man desperately trying to fit into a world that will not accept him for who he is.

But my God is it funny.

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