Friday, July 17, 2009

New Star Wars Art From Acme

I've been keeping this under wraps for some time now, but I have just been given the green light to announce my newest Star Wars art to be produced with Acme Archives.
I've worked really hard and lost a lot of sleep over this piece, and I think it really paid off. It is titled "A New Hope- Escape" and it is here just in time to make it's debut at San Diego Comic COn this next week!

Each piece will be a fine Giclee Print and will be limited Edition (Edition Size TBD).
"A New Hope: Escape" is designed to match "Bounty Hunters" and "Scoundrels" (2 of my other Acme Giclee Prints) at 13 X 19. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

It depicts our four favorite Star Wars heroes (Chebacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo) making their way through the cold corridors of the First Death Star. While the piece captures a scene from the movie, it was my goal to try and capture the feelings of each individual character in that moment.
Chewbacca, ever so intimidating is ready to fight, but at the same time has a bit of apprehension about the mission.
Princess Leia has the look of both determination and fear. It's beyond hope because she does not have complete faith in these rogues to get them out of this.
Han Solo, seems to eat it all up with a spoon. He lives for the action and a "good fight". Not quite the leader yet.
Luke Skywalker takes his first step into his role as a leader, and a hero. Of the four heroes, he's the only one who has enough who whole heatedly believes they can get out of this. Is he just young and naive, or is it something more?

I will have Artist Proofs soon for sale and presale. If your going to Comic Con come to my table early to get your Print.

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