Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mighty Mugg Project

All the rage today is collectible designer toys. You can now pick up Toys hand painted by some of today’s mos

t famous artists. Granted, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it s a sound investment as each piece is one of a kind, and they look cool.

One of the more popular versions of thee designer toys are the “Mighty Muggs” fr

om Hasbro. They make Mighty Muggs for Marvel Co

mics, Indiana Jones, and of course Star Wars. I thought they were kind of weird at fi

rst, but they really caught on and people love them.

Out of shear demand Hasbro started to produce BLANK Mighty Muggs so artists can paint their own de

signs on them. This is the basis of one of the coolest events at San Diego Comic Con this year. Lucas film LTD has contacted several of the most popular Star Wars artists in biz today to design their own Star Wars Mighty Mugg. The only restriction was it had to be Star Wars related. The artists went crazy and produced some really great designs that will not only be

displayed at the Star Wars pavilion at Comic Con, but will be auctioned off one by one, with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

I was one of the artists chosen to create a Mighty Mugg for the event, and I tried my best to do something a little different. I started out with a few ideas, to create a Mugg for Characters they m

ost likely would never produce. Like Jaxxon, The Ice Cream Machine Man, or the horse head pilot. But, that challenging little voice inside my head wanted to do something more outside t

he box. So I gave it some time, and let inspiration come to me. The next idea I got came from watching Denise make her mighty Mugg of Steve Sansweet (Lucasfilm LTD Director of Fan affairs). Denise did such a great job of executing the piece, but more than that I really liked how she did something so very Star Wars, but at the same time completely thinking outside the box. My idea was for the world’s greatest Star Wars fan. He was going to be equipped with all kinds of toys, Star Wars clothes, sleeping bag, everything. But I ran out of time to do this.

Now I was in trouble because I was running out of time, and I had no

ideas that would not take a couple weeks to do.

That was until I was sitting in my living room where we have a framed copy of my “Sith Rocks” poster form 2007. Inspiration hit m like a thunderbolt, and I decided to make Rock and Roll Darth Maul, but even more Glam Rocked up with sparkly gold horns, and a sparkly double-ended Guitar. The easy part was painting on the Toy, the hard part was creating the 3D objects like his horns, Guitar, and oh yes, the Gigantic Tongue.
I broke out a box full of sculpey and went to work. This stuff is fun, and so easy to use!

A little Glue, and some Sparkly Paint provided by Denise was all this little guy needed to make him the meanest Glam Rock hero in the Galaxy.

Read More about the Mighty Mugg project here at the official Star Wars Web Site.

Unfortunately I did not finish my Mugg early enough to have it featured on the Web site, but you can See Denise’s “Steve Sansweet”.

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