Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Star Wars Galaxy 5 Trading Card TRADE IN Offer!

Hey Star Wars fans!
Galaxy 5 has finally arrived and is starting to hit stores everywhere.
They have already hit the shelves of Hobby stores (Comic Book shops, trading card shops), and soon they will be showing up at places like Target and Walmart.

What is Star Wars Galaxy Series 5?
Topps Trading cards has produced a series of Star Wars Trading cards that are 100% art.
No Photos, or movie stills.
Most of the set is made of of NEW art by today's most popular Star wars artists in the biz, while the other part of teh set is the best of Star Wars art from posters, games, toys, and publications.

Last year (2009) I was honored to have one piece of new art for Star Wars Galaxy Series 4. For Star Wars Galaxy series 5 I was asked to create art for 2 "Base Set" Trading cards and 15 pieces of art for the Foil Chase Card Set.
To top things off, Topps also produced 2 of poster designs from Star Wars Celebration IV. That's a total of 19 cards in the set!
I am very proud of this set and have been patiently waiting to let everyone know!

To Celebrate this great new set I am having a 
Many of you remember last year, where you could trade in your extra Star Wars Galaxy 4 cards (with my art on it) for discounts on commissions. Well, I'm doing it again for Star Wars Galaxy 5! 
in Short... I want your extras!
And this time you have 64+ cards from the set to trade in. You will have 4 different cards from the base set, and 60 foil chase cards!

I need as many as you can spare.
Each card has a different trade in value. Mix and match your extras for a maximum of 50% OFF ANY ONE Sketch Card Commission!!!
If you have a HUGE amount of extras, we can work out a special deal too.

Here are the cards I did for the set. I'm looking for all of them!

Trade in Key:

Base set cards=5% OFF Silver Foils=10% Off Bronze Foils=15% Off Gold Foils=25% OFF Sketch Cards=50%OFF BUT THERE IS MORE!!! Trade in one of these rare cards for a Special Bonus! Prismatic Foil= 1 Free Full Color Sketch Card OR $150 off any Any Commission! 
These are 1 of 1 Foil Cards. Instead of Silver, Bronze or Gold, these cards reflect a rainbow of colors.
Printing Plate Of any of my Trading Cards(Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Or Black)= 1 Free Full Color Sketch Card OR $150 off any Any Commission! 
These Cards are the actual printing plates that were used to create the trading cards with. There are 4 for each card (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black).
Randy Martinez:Humpy The Ewok Sketch Card (any of the three)=1 Free Full Color Sketch Card OR $150 off any Any Commission! 
I created 3 very special sketch cards of Humpy the Ewok doing his Michael Jackson dance.

My Full colro Sketch cards usually cost $150 each, so this is a great chance to cash in those extras you don;t need and get some great one of a kind Original art in return!
Just to remind you, if you have a more extras than you can use for trade in, please email and we'll make a special deal for ya!
I will be holding this trade in sale indefinitely, so take advantage!
Please email me at: randy@randymartinez.net
Subject: Galaxy 5 Trade in Offer

Thanks everyone! And May the Force be With you!

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