Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Star Wars Galaxy 5 Artists Return Sketch Cards For Sale!

They have arrived! It's always such a great relief to get these back! Okay folks, all of these cards are available and ready to go. Just a few heads up notes.

-Denise and I are headed to Germany for 12 days on April 1st. I am going to wrap the silent auction up pretty quick. So be sure to get your offers in quickly. 

-I will not take offers that pay later. If you make an offer, you must be ready to pay the same day you win. 

-I cover shipping to U.S. States

-International Shipping covered by customer. 

- Cards that do not sell before I leave for Germany will be going with me to Germany. 

-Euro fans who are attending Jedi Con. If you win one of these cards you may pick the card up at Jedi-Con (Dusseldorf, GErmany) or Star Wars Fest in Torino Italy, rather than pay for shipping. 

-Due to the amount of PMs I get regarding my returns I ask interested parties to please EMAIL me rather than PM. Private Messages take for ever to log through and I don't want to miss any ones offer or question. my email is: randy@randymartinez.net

- Starting price for all the cards are $250 each. 

-I will take offers through March 21st (unless stated otherwise).

-high bidders will be informed via email if and when their bids have been outbid.

-In the event of matching or near matching bids all respective parties will be contacted.

Thank you so much for all of the great comments and accolades. You are the best! Good Luck everyone!

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