Monday, October 19, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days 3 UPDATE 2 V.I.P. Sketch Cards

(Link to Denise Vasquez Blog and her card info!)

I made it!
Finished all my V.I.P Sketch Cards.
There are:
 45 Black and White Sketches, all available for  Color upgrade.
1 Quick Color Wash Card
4 Full Color Cards

Can you believe all these cost is a blank VIP Fan days 3 sketch card?
Each of the full color sketch cards regularly cost $200 each!!!!
I can't believe I',m doing this. I'm nuts:)
Really though...
I have been blessed with a lot of good fortune the last two years. I owe a big thanks to the fans for supporting my art, and taking care of me through the years. Part of the opportunities I have had come my way is because the fans have helped make my work popular. So to give something back like this, is all my pleasure.
Take care of those who take care of you right?
Plus, and by no means less important, Ban Stevens and Philip Wise (the organizers) do a great job at putting Fan Days together and REALLY take care of the artists and guests like ALL CONVENTIONS SHOULD!!!! They do it right and others should learn from their example.
I give them a huge nod of thanks. Doing  These sketch cards for Fan Days is my way of saying thank you to Ben Stevens, Philip Wise, and all the fans.
Lets keep making Fan Days bigger and better!

So on to Pre order cards!
So I have a few cards left if anyone is interested in Preordering Fan Days 3 sketch cards to pick up at teh show. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VIP MEMBER to order one of these. But they do cost money:)
Here is one Preorder I completed tonight.
A fan collects different aliens, and he gave me the choice between 5 Aliens from Jabba's Palace. I of course picked Salacious Crumb. Love this guy. Great laugh.
This piece is done in my Monotone style.
Pretty good eh?
 $50 for Preorder.
$20 for V.I.P. Sketch Card Color upgrade
Any Character you want.

This next Sample is a Quick Color Wash.
This is is the only full color style I am doing AT Fan Days.
(The $200 cars take way to long to do at teh show)
 $75 Preorder
$40 V.I.P. Color Upgrade
Any Character

Thats it for now. email me if you want to order!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days 3 UPDATE. V.I.P. Sketch Cards

Tick tock, tick tock.
That's what I hear while I've been working everyday. Fan days is next weekend, but we leave on Wednesday. Denise and I are driving to Texas. Yes, I know it is a LONG trip, but because of BAGGAGE  prices on airlines we can take more stuff with us for our tables. It seems like this is what we will have to do from now on as our inventory is getting bigger and bigger. But it's okay, Denise and I have neer driven through the lower part of the U.S. I've been through the Flagstaff AZ and Santa Fe NM rout, but never along the lower parts. So it's an adventure. We might do some side trips which would be fun. Would love to hear some suggestions from people if you have any.

Anyway, I finished up my work for Topps and met my our first deadline for our new book. Man, it's been stressful. But worth it because the work looks really good. 'm really proud.

As a pre break before the final run to Fan Days 3 Denise and I took a little trip to Ventura to see my 4 year old Nephew play Soccer. The last time we went to a his game, we were still living in Ventura. He had just turned 4, and well, was not the best player on the team. Which is fine, but I'm it's important to not that because of what Denise and I witnessed Yesterday morning.  Not only did my nephews team win the game, but my nephew scored 3 out their 4 goals. WOW. He's not only the best player on his team, the other parents were saying he's the best in his age group. He could still be a so-so player and we would be very proud of him, but we are proud that he has worked hard with his Dad, and understands that good things happen when you focus and give effort.

After that Denise and I came home to Hollywood and started right in to work. On this weekends menu? SW Fan Days 3 V.I.P. Sketch Cards. Don't know what that is? Read my Blog form a few days back about Star Wars Fan Days 3, it tells the whole story:)

The break did us good because  we were both able to get right into work, and it is much more fun to do this  with a fresh rested mind. Denise has been kickin' out some great looking cards, I'm very proud of her.
I'v gotten through about half of mine, so I thought I would post them here.
All of these will be available for color upgrade at the show.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

STAR WARS GALAXY 5! My Art will be featured in my own series in the set!

I have exciting news that I can finally share with everyone!
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the "Star Wars Galaxy" Card series. For those who are not, "Star Wars Galaxy" is a trading card set produced by Topps Trading cards. It is a very unique set of trading cards because the entire set is Star Wars artwork. No photographs, unless of course that is part of the art medium. Each set is broken up into several categories; just to name a few...
- Character Portraits
- Movie concept art from the Lucasfilm Archives
- Posters and Promotions
- New Visions, Star Wars scenes inspired by events not seen on screen.
- FOIL chase cards. Rare cards pressed with shinny foil
- Sketch Cards (first offered in Galaxy sets with Series 4)

There have been 4 set's of Star Wars Galaxy thus far. The first Galaxy set was released in 1993, and I loved it! I was a freshman in College, so I could not afford to collect them, but I bought the books that featured the art from the cards.
Star Wars Galaxy 4 was released in 2009, 14 years after the release of Star Wars Galaxy 3. For me, Star Wars Galaxy 4 was the realization of a long time dream as I had always wanted my art to be part of this unique and very cool series of cards. I was given the honor of creating a "New Vision" trading card to be included in the base set of Star Wars Galaxy Series 4.  I mean the artists I would be associated with in this series alone was a dream come true; John Alvin, Drew Struzan, Ken Steacy, Basil Gogos, Marshall Arisman, Hugh Flemming, Jack Kirby, Boris Vallejo, Russell Walks, J. Scott Campell, Mark McHaley,Jason Palmer, Matt Busch, Sergio Aragonez, Jack Davis,...just to name a few.
The hardest part about this project was deciding what to create. What Character, what new vision scene can I do? So much to choose from. I finally decided on one of my favorite characters since I first saw Star Wars, the Tusken Raiders, or sand people. I always loved the design of these guys, and I always found myself drawing them. So I went with that inspiration and created this Trading card.

I titled it "Tusken Hero". It shows a Tusken Raider triumphantly holding his prize, a Krayt Dragon Pearl, which can only be taken from the gizzard of a Krayt Dragon. What's a Krayt dragon? Good Question. Krayt Dragons are sort of scene and heard in the Original Star Wars movie "Episode IV: A New Hope".
Remember, near the beginning of the film when C-3P0 is alone walking through the Desert? At one point you can see the bones of some long deceased creature, a very large creature. Well, that is, or WAS a Krayt Dragon. Those Bones are indeed the Bones of the Krayt Dragon in my Trading. So the Events in my card Happen some time between Episode 3 and 4.

A Krayt Dragon is referenced one more time in " A New Hope". When Obi Wan shows up in the Jundland Wastes to save Luke from the Tusken Raiders, the Tusken Raiders are scared off by a high pitch wailing. This sound is Obi Wan using the force to create the sound of a krayt Dragon. Interesting little nerd facts eh?

So that was Really cool. But that is fairly old news.

So what is the Exciting new news?

I am happy and very proud to announce that there will in fact be a Star Wars Galaxy Series 5!
I will once again have art work included into this wonderful series but on a much grander level.
My Art work will be FEATURED this time as the sets FOIL Chase card subset!
15 new pieces of art work printed up in glorious foil!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Each card will feature one of the main characters from the Star Wars Saga (Films Only for now).
Can you imagine lightsabers in foil? Sweet!
The style of work is the vector art that I have been producing for Acme archives, which has become very  popular over the last couple of years.

"A New Hope: Escape" by Randy Martinez for Acme Archives

I'm very proud of the work I have produced for this project, and cannot wait to reveal some of it to you. And I will when Topps allows me to.
But that is not all!!!

In addition to the foil chase cards, I have been informed that a few selection of my art from past Star Wars posters will be reproduced on trading cards. And there is one more little thing that i am not permitted to talk about yet, but I will:)

This is far greater than anything I could have dreamed... okay, maybe not dreamed, but you know, I am a humble person and I know there are many great artists who are just as deserving as I am to be given this great honor.
On a personal level...I almost feel like I want to cry because I've worked so hard to just get a taste of something like this, and here I am right in the middle of it. It really makes me look back and reflect on everything I've gone through. I'm by no means done with the road I'm traveling, but to realize a dream like this is sometimes hard to appreciate while you are in it.
It feels really great to have my hard work, and the love I put in my work recognized like this, and seen as professional enough to follow in the footsteps of artists like Russell Walks (Star Wars Galaxy 4 Foils) & Drew Struzan (Indiana Jones Foils)

Stay Tuned for updates!

My art on "The Big Bang Theory"!

I just got some really cool news that my Art will be used on the hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory"! I got a call from Acme Archives, whom I create limited Edition Fine Art Prints for, and they told me the news. Apparently they chose 10 prints from Acme Archives and 2 of mine were chosen.
Here are the two pieces they chose:

Bounty Hunters


So keep your eyes open and see if you can spot my work on the walls.
BTW, I have artist proofs of both prints available for $100 each.
They are fine Giclee (high definition Prints) and are Limited Edition.
Email me at:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days: WIN A $200 Sketch Card!!!

Update at bottom of page! 10/13/2009

Hey Star Wars fans!
Star Wars Fan Days 3 is coming to Plano Texas this October 24-25! Last years show was a great success and this year Fan Days looks to be twice the size and even more fun than last year. Star Wars Celebrity Autographs, Awesome panels, and of course an even bigger ARTIST ALLEY!

Fan Days 3 is all about the exclusives and Artist Alley has some of the best. Available ONLY at Star Wars Fan Days 3 will be exclusive Star Wars Fan Days 3 Sketch Cards. These cards will be in high demand, so if you can get your hands on one, this may be your one and only shot.
So how do you get one of these rare cards? Well there are only two ways.
  1. Buy one directly from my table. I will have a small amount of blank Sketch cards that I will make available for on the spot sketches.
For Star Wars fan Days ONLY I will offer these great prices…

-Black And White Sketch Cards: $25 each (normally $40)

Sample only! This is not the actual card

-Color Monotone Sketch Cards: $40 each (Normally $50)

Sample only! This is not the actual card

2. The best way is to purchase a VIP pass. This insures you get an opportunity to get
5 sketch cards from your favorite Star Wars artists.

This description directly from the Star Wars Fan Days Web Site:

The low-down: Each VIP card set (given out free to VIP ticket holders) will contain 5 blank sketch cards that you can use to have these artists do a quick 30 second free sketch for you. So as not to over-whelm any one artist, each participating artist will do 25 free sketches per day. Once they have done their 25, they will have a sign on their table saying they are done for the day, and then it’s up to you to hunt down another artist. This is a great opportunity for you to meet all of our very talented artists! Artists will also be available to ‘upgrade’ your card to include a more detailed sketch, ink, color, etc. Those fees are up to the individual artist and it’s the perfect opportunity to take home a one of a kind sketch card!

Pretty cool huh?
Wait! There is more!
I am giving VIP ticket holders the opportunity to get a FULL COLOR Fan Days Sketch Card for the simple price of a blank Fan Days Sketch Card.

 Sample Only!! Not actual cards.

For the VIP sketch program ONLY, I will be pre creating 50 Sketch cards
before the show. 46 of these cards will be classic Black and White Sketch Cards; But 4 of these 50 cards will be in Full Color!!! A $200 value for each color card!

Now I know what you are saying. “That isn’t fair because the first 4 people at my table will get the full color cards.”
Nope, not necessarily.
Each of these 50 cards will be concealed and chosen at random by each VIP ticket holder trading in a blank Star Wars Fan days 3 sketch card.
So even if you are the last person in line you have a chance to pull a full color sketch card.
The great part is, even if you don’t pull a full color sketch card, you still pull a unique non-repeated Classic Black and White Sketch card. Of which you always have the option to upgrade for an additional charge (more about upgrading in a bit).

But what if you’re only coming for Sunday?…No worries, because I will only be offering up 25 VIP cards per day (23 Black and Whites, and 2 Full Colors).

To keep things really fair I will be initiating these very strict rules.
  1. Should there be 25 VIP ticket holders at my table in large groups I will be holding a sort of Lottery to determine who chooses in what order.
  2. For each Blank VIP SWFD3 Sketch card you trade in you may choose only 1 concealed Sketch Card. Example: If you trade in all 5 of your Blank VIP Sketch Card, you receive 5 choices. However, Should there be more than 1 VIP ticket holder at my table, you may only trade in 1 Blank Sketch Card for 1 choice until all VIP ticket holders trading in cards have chosen 1 card as well. After that you may trade in another card and then choose another card. This system will continue until there are no more VIP ticket holders trading in cards OR my Sketch Card supplies run out. Basically, I am making sure as many VIP ticket holders that would like a Randy Martinez SWFD 3 sketch card. Get one.
  3. Cheating or being rude to your fellow Star Wars fans will not be tolerated and you will not be permitted to participate in this fun activity at my table. But honestly, Star Wars fans are the best in the world, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about thisJ


Okay, so you did not pull a Full color sketch card. You are still over joyed to pull a great Black and White sketch, but you’d still like to see it with some color.
Good News, you may upgrade your card to color!
I am offering a great deal to add color to your black and white sketch card!
I will be bringing my watercolors with me, so I will be able to do two types of color.

Monotone- A Single color base but with different shades and lighting. I did this style for the Star Wars Galaxy 4 Target Exclusive Sketch Cards. I normally charge $50 but you can upgrade to Monotone for only $20.

Full Color Watercolor- Not the same full color cards you will get a chance to pull in the trade in, but still very nice. These full color cards are done with a loose, expressive watercolor technique. I normally charge $75 each, but you can upgrade to Full Color Watercolor you pay only $40!

These Prices are only at Star Wars Fan Days!


In addition to participating in the VIP sketch card program, I will have a table full of limited edition prints, official Star Wars books, sketch cards, and hard to find Star Wars collectibles.
Take a look at these highlighted items, and don’t miss the free bonus gifts!

BTW, All listed items here may be pre ordered for pick up at Star Wars Fan Days 3.
Remarks are free!

Limited Edition Prints and Posters

A New Hope: Escape” Brand New Official Star Wars Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs.

Only 20 Artist Proofs of this piece in existence, and I only have a handful left for sale!
This beautiful HD Giclee print is 13 X 19  on fine artists paper.
This piece depicts our heroes as they race to escape the cavernous DEATH STAR as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. Each characters look and emotion is perfectly captured in this very popular piece. A true Star Wars Collectors item! $100

Boba Fett: Legacy

Official Star Wars Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs.
Only 15 Artist Proofs of this piece in existence, and I only have a handful left for sale!
This beautiful HD Giclee print is 19 X 13  on fine artists paper.
This piece features the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett as the eyes of his father Jango Fett watch and inspire Boba’s every move. Another great Star Wars Collectors item! $100

Bounty Hunters
Official Star Wars Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs. This beautiful HD Giclee print is 19 X 13  on fine artists paper.
Bounty Hunters have become some of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Universe. Here we find three of the biggest scum in the bounty hunter business on their way to their employer, Jabba The Hutt. A rare appearance by Bounty Hunter Dengar makes this another great Star Wars Collectors item! $100

Official Star Wars Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs.
This beautiful HD Giclee print is 19 X 13  on fine artists paper.
Released as the twin brother of “Bounty Hunters” we see the other side of Scum and Villainy…the scoundrels. Here we see a scene pre Episode IV were Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca are obviously up to something dishonest. $100

Eyes on Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Official Indiana Jones Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs.
This beautiful HD Giclee print is 19 X 13  on fine artists paper.
The one that started it all, Raiders of the Lost Ark. This print captures the excitement and Adventure of Indiana Jones while Danger looms ovehead. $100

Eyes on Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Official Indiana Jones Fine Art Giclee Print from Acme Archives! Limited Edition Artist Proofs.
This beautiful HD Giclee print is 19 X 13  on fine artists paper.
Part two of my Indiana Jones “eyes” series. Here we see our hero with his adventurous family with Agent Spalko looking over all.

Star Wars Celebration IV Official Poster
36 X 24
This is the Art Work for the Official Star Wars Celebration IV Poster and Program Cover. Only made available at Star Wars Celebration IV, these posters are from my own personal collection. Brand new, still in it’s original plastic tube. These posters are very rare and hard to find. Get one while they last!

Star Wars Celebration Europe Official Poster
23 1/4 X 23 1/4
Also known as Sgt. Lucas this piece celebrates the very first Star Wars Celebration in Europe, The 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, and the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”. This is the piece that you all have scene and have always wanted. Very few people know that I was the artist behind this piece. EXTREMELY RARE item!!!! This Poster was only available at Star Wars Celebration Europe and sold out in less than 2 days. These posters are from my own personal collection. This is a must have a rare chance to obtain this classic piece. $100

Sith Rocks!”
Limited Edition print from Star Wars Celebration IV and Star Wars Celebration Europe. This piece was just recently ranked the #4 (out of 12) most rockin Star Wars and Rock Music cross over on Galactic Check out The Sith as they rock the house and the Emperor gives us “more Cowbell”. On display!

Released and only available at Star Wars Celebration Japan. Obsession is a true one of a kind print. Each piece was a hand pulled serigraph and was limited to only 250 prints. A must have for any collection. Come see teh real thing!


Star Wars: Rebel Force
Target, Hostage, Renegade, and Firefight

Rebel Force is the new book series from Scholastic Books that takes place right after Luke Skywalker blew up the first Death Star. In case you did not know the Book covers and backs were illustrated by yours truly. I will have copies available for signing!
$8 each

Star Wars Celebration IV Official program Book.
The Same Art work that appears on the Official Poster in 2007.
The Program book sold out in 3 days, so it is a very rare item.
Take home one of these wonderful collectibles.

Star Wars Celebration Europe Official Program Book
The Same Art work that appears on the Official Poster in 2007.
The Program book sold out in 2 days, so it is a very rare item.
As far as I know I am the only person to who has these unique items.
Take home one of these wonderful collectibles.

Creature Features: Draw Amazing Monsters and Aliens
Impact Books
Draw Monsters and Aliens with me in my debut as an Author and Illustrator.
Over 40 lessons on how to draw all of your favorite creatures including some new creations from my twisted mind! I only have a few copies of “Creature Features left so come by and get your signed copy early!

Trading Cards and Sketch Cards

Straight from packs of Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 4 comes my very first trading card "Tusken Hero".
I've got some really exciting Trading Cards coming up with Topps, so get your hands on my "Rookie" card while you can!
I'll have plenty of these cards to help you complete your set and to sign.
$5 each

I’ll have a variety of different official Topps Sketch Cards (This is just a taste!) as well as Randy Martinez Brand Sketch Cards for sale at my table.
$25 to $100 each

I’ll also be available for a limited amount of on the spot sketch at the show, but come to the table early to reserve your space.
I still have a few slots open for commissions to be picked up at the show. I’m very limited on time this year so I’ll only be able to accommodate a few more spots, so reserve your spot ASAP.


Like always I will have plenty of Non-Star Wars art for sale, including these popular prints.
$5 each or 3 for $10


I will have a TON of free stuff. Prints, Sketch Books, postcards…You just gotta come by to see!
There will be more surprises at Fan Days III so wing on by! See you there!!!

I just received my cards for the VIP sketch card program. As posted above I will be doing 50 Black and White Sketches for the program. 4 of which will be full color and given away at random. Well, I have also been given 9 blank cards to do with as I please. So I will be making these available to the fans for preorder and pickup. Prices depend on what you want on the card and what style. These are starting prices with Samples:

 Full Color $150 (Fan Days 3 prices only) Comic Book Style $75 (Fan Days Prices Only)

 Monotone $50

To Order Please contact me at