Monday, October 19, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days 3 UPDATE 2 V.I.P. Sketch Cards

(Link to Denise Vasquez Blog and her card info!)

I made it!
Finished all my V.I.P Sketch Cards.
There are:
 45 Black and White Sketches, all available for  Color upgrade.
1 Quick Color Wash Card
4 Full Color Cards

Can you believe all these cost is a blank VIP Fan days 3 sketch card?
Each of the full color sketch cards regularly cost $200 each!!!!
I can't believe I',m doing this. I'm nuts:)
Really though...
I have been blessed with a lot of good fortune the last two years. I owe a big thanks to the fans for supporting my art, and taking care of me through the years. Part of the opportunities I have had come my way is because the fans have helped make my work popular. So to give something back like this, is all my pleasure.
Take care of those who take care of you right?
Plus, and by no means less important, Ban Stevens and Philip Wise (the organizers) do a great job at putting Fan Days together and REALLY take care of the artists and guests like ALL CONVENTIONS SHOULD!!!! They do it right and others should learn from their example.
I give them a huge nod of thanks. Doing  These sketch cards for Fan Days is my way of saying thank you to Ben Stevens, Philip Wise, and all the fans.
Lets keep making Fan Days bigger and better!

So on to Pre order cards!
So I have a few cards left if anyone is interested in Preordering Fan Days 3 sketch cards to pick up at teh show. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VIP MEMBER to order one of these. But they do cost money:)
Here is one Preorder I completed tonight.
A fan collects different aliens, and he gave me the choice between 5 Aliens from Jabba's Palace. I of course picked Salacious Crumb. Love this guy. Great laugh.
This piece is done in my Monotone style.
Pretty good eh?
 $50 for Preorder.
$20 for V.I.P. Sketch Card Color upgrade
Any Character you want.

This next Sample is a Quick Color Wash.
This is is the only full color style I am doing AT Fan Days.
(The $200 cars take way to long to do at teh show)
 $75 Preorder
$40 V.I.P. Color Upgrade
Any Character

Thats it for now. email me if you want to order!

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