Sunday, October 18, 2009

Star Wars Fan Days 3 UPDATE. V.I.P. Sketch Cards

Tick tock, tick tock.
That's what I hear while I've been working everyday. Fan days is next weekend, but we leave on Wednesday. Denise and I are driving to Texas. Yes, I know it is a LONG trip, but because of BAGGAGE  prices on airlines we can take more stuff with us for our tables. It seems like this is what we will have to do from now on as our inventory is getting bigger and bigger. But it's okay, Denise and I have neer driven through the lower part of the U.S. I've been through the Flagstaff AZ and Santa Fe NM rout, but never along the lower parts. So it's an adventure. We might do some side trips which would be fun. Would love to hear some suggestions from people if you have any.

Anyway, I finished up my work for Topps and met my our first deadline for our new book. Man, it's been stressful. But worth it because the work looks really good. 'm really proud.

As a pre break before the final run to Fan Days 3 Denise and I took a little trip to Ventura to see my 4 year old Nephew play Soccer. The last time we went to a his game, we were still living in Ventura. He had just turned 4, and well, was not the best player on the team. Which is fine, but I'm it's important to not that because of what Denise and I witnessed Yesterday morning.  Not only did my nephews team win the game, but my nephew scored 3 out their 4 goals. WOW. He's not only the best player on his team, the other parents were saying he's the best in his age group. He could still be a so-so player and we would be very proud of him, but we are proud that he has worked hard with his Dad, and understands that good things happen when you focus and give effort.

After that Denise and I came home to Hollywood and started right in to work. On this weekends menu? SW Fan Days 3 V.I.P. Sketch Cards. Don't know what that is? Read my Blog form a few days back about Star Wars Fan Days 3, it tells the whole story:)

The break did us good because  we were both able to get right into work, and it is much more fun to do this  with a fresh rested mind. Denise has been kickin' out some great looking cards, I'm very proud of her.
I'v gotten through about half of mine, so I thought I would post them here.
All of these will be available for color upgrade at the show.

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