Monday, January 25, 2010

Help an ailing artist!

I have some bad news. My girl friend and fellow artist Denise (Vasquez) has broken her right thumb. She actually did it a few weeks back, but was hoping it was just a sprain. But it hasn't gotten any better. We finally went to the hospital and the Xrays show a definite fracture near her upper knuckle, but there may also be some ligament damage. Like the trooper she is she played her guitar and sang three shows at the NAMM show, and drew 208 sketch cards for Star Wars Galaxy 5. Stubborn? Yes, she is, but her stubborness comes from her passion and virtue to get the job done she was hired to do. Even though, she was literally sweating from her brow as she drew each sketch card. Her virtue is inspiring. But eventually, you have to mend your wounds and she is now.

With a cast on, she cannot draw, play guitar, or even type very easily (All Left hand typing). We have no idea how long the healing process is going to take because the doctor is sending her to a SPECIALIST. This means I will be holding down the fort by myself for the most part, until Denise can find work were she doesn't need her primary hand. I have to focus on finding ways to support the both of us. I will most likely be starting a "DENISE AID" event where I will be selling stuff for great prices. In the mean time, Please take advantage of my Birthday Sale! It is good through January 31st. 25% off everything!!!!! Commissions, Prints, Books, you name it (Clone Wars returns are not part of the sale:). Every order will help a great deal. You can send her get well posts and messages here on her facebook page, but she'll definitely get them if you email her directly at Thanks everyone! Randy


  1. Stubborn?!? Me?!? LOL!!!
    Passioniate & determined I was!!!
    Thank you for holding down the fort, being strong for me & posting this!
    PeAcE LoVe ArT & SoUl
    Denise Vasquez

  2. 6 weeks for casts usually Denise. Don't worry, it won't be for long.
    Maybe take up painting in the style of Pollock or Hurst. You don't need your right hand to throw paint at a canvas ;p
    Jokes aside, I feel your pain. I tore ligaments in a finger in my right hand and had to wear a splint on it. It was really hard to work with the splint, but I managed it!
    Can you use your fingers at all? I bet anything you'll find a way.
    Get well soon sweetie!

    Amanda Turner :)